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Hayden & Nikki

We are the creators of Journey More. In May of 2020 we launched our brand in hopes of inspiring others to journey further outside their comfort zones and deeper into their relationships with others through adventure. Over the past year and a half we have honed our skills of photography and videography through our love of outdoor activities and travel. We personally owned an Airbnb in Gatlinburg, TN and fell in love with short term rentals and hosting. We decided to combine our loves and find the most unique accommodations around the US and share them with the world, because these places need to be seen and hosts deserve to be praised for their incredible efforts! 

We share all of our wonderful finds on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Looking for a cool place to escape? Ask us where to go... we are slowly becoming experts and have a deep desire to share our knowledge! Running an Airbnb and looking for exposure? Ask us to visit... we would love nothing more than to share you with our faithful followers that also crave adventure!

We have a new exciting adventure we are pursuing alongside Airbnb's, and that is VAN LIFE! This will allow us to travel far and wide to find special places in even the most remote areas! We will be sharing that content on our social media as well, so make sure to check that out!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you! Yes you!!


Hayden & Nikki

About Nikki


  • Born and raised near Chicago, IL

  • Graduated from Union University in Jackson, TN with a bachelors degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology

  • Worked for Tennessee OSHA for 2.5 years before going full time with Journey More

  • Has 18 years of experience in all genres of dance

  • Chi Omega

  • Favorites: cinnamon rolls, cross stitching, watching movies in the theater

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About Hayden


  • Born and raised near Nashville, TN

  • Graduated from Union University in Jackson, TN with a bachelors degree in Business

  •  Worked for Northwestern Mutual for a year before going full time with Journey More

  • Eagle Scout

  • Lambda Chi Alpha

  • Favorites: Jeni's Ice Cream, Skiing, Roll Tide

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Our Story


We met during our time at Union University in Jackson, TN. Hayden was a junior and I (Nikki) was a senior when our paths crossed for the first time. Come to find out we had actually been to various college functions at the same time but just never happened to meet. I asked Hayden to a sorority dance because I heard he was a wonderful person and a great date. Neither of us went into the date expecting anything more than a good time... but little did we know it only the beginning. We hit things off immediately. One date led to another, and another, and soon enough we were in a relationship. We both knew fairly quickly that we had found "the one" and wanted to progress our relationship towards marriage. Hayden planned an incredible proposal on top of a mountain, with 360 views, just the two of us... it was perfect. We felt that God was leading us toward getting married and felt no desire to wait. So six months after the proposal, we got married. It was the most special day, filled with the most incredible people, in the most beautiful place we could have imagined. We lived in Jackson for about a year while Hayden finished up school and I worked for TOSHA. We then moved to the Nashville area to be closer to Hayden's family. During our time living near Nashville Hayden dreamt up the idea of Journey more. We are determined to be doers and decided to go for it... all in! That single idea and our hard work has led us to some of the most incredible experiences and opportunities. We are excited to continue to journey more together every day into our relationship with each other, the word of God, and the world around us. So that is the basics of our very elaborate, love filled story. We thank you for reading and so appreciate taking the time to get to know us a little more! Have a similar story? Want to know more? Fill out the form below, we would love to hear from you!

Contact Us

Please reach out to us here! If you are a short term rental host, looking for recommendations on unique stays in your area, or just a friendly subscriber, we would love to hear from you!

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