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Van Build

The next adventure we are pursuing is building out a sprinter van so that we can travel across the country to explore the US and find the most unique accommodations!

Van Test Drive.jpg

Test Driving!

Watch us test drive a Mercedes Sprinter Van! This was a huge factor in deciding which van we wanted to purchase and renovate. We did not expect it to drive the way it did!

Van Tour

We purchased an already renovated van, but we are planning to take everything out and start from scratch. We did want to give a pre-demolition tour so you could see the complete transformation from the very beginning.

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 3.52.11 PM.png
Demo Day Insta2.jpg

Demo Day

Watch our first "demo day" as we tear out the fixtures inside the van so we can start from the bare bones. We did learn a few things along the way!

Check out our YouTube channel!

Want to see our full build? Go subscribe to our YouTube channel (it's free!) so you don't miss any more of our videos about the van. We will be sharing everything we learn and do with YOU!

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