Mexico, a 5-day Cruise

Carnival Inspiration in port

Carnival Inspiration in port

Our 5-day Mexican cruise had a 1 day stop in on Santa Catalina Island. One important pre-cruise task is to book your excursions. Depending on your destination and your level of adventure these could easily cost more then your actual trip. In Catalina we choose two boat trips. One was a glass bottom boat trip to see the fish the other a dolphin excursion.

I wouldn’t pick the glass bottom boat again. While ideal for small children and those with a fear of the water, the boat didn’t

t go out far and the experience of buying fish food to pour down a tube to the swarming fish was amusing the first time, but quickly got old.The second trip was an open-boat dolphin watching tour. It was fantastic! With the wind blasting us in the face the boat driver, who was very familiar with the islands weather and dolphin patterns, quickly got us into the middle of schools of hundreds of dol

phins. For 2 hours they jumped along side our boat and swam in team in the boats wake. We had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend this trip.

In Ensenada Mexico we choose a taste of Mexico excursion, which ended up being a class in making guacamole and assembling tacos. The drive to the class included a mini city and history tour and while the class was disappointing, the chef that talked us through the process was extremely funny and personable and the walk back from the restaurant gave us a chance to do some window shopping.

My favorite part of this trip was being the first ones off the ship (of 2000 people) in the still sleeping town on Catalina Island. The quiet of the town and lap of the water on the shore was beautiful.

My least favorite part of the trip was the cruise ship. We stepped onto the ship in Long Beach and was hit by the non-stop loud music, 80’s deco, and cattle trough of buffet, I had an immediate negative feeling about the cruise experience, and only 5 more days to go.

Something unexpected: We choose to sit at a table with 8 other strangers for dinner. Could be risky, but it was a great choice! We met the most interesting people. One couple was dating from the LA area and loved cruising and picking up pharmaceuticals in Mexico. Two were married from the San Diego area and ended up participating in one of the on-board marriage game-shows. We learned A LOT about them. And the best was a couple that use to live in Mexico had been married for 50 years and on over 70 cruises. The stories they told! Their approach to meals was even interesting. They spent no money on anything except the cruise itself and the casino, and eve

Catalina Island

Catalina Island

ry meal they would order 3-4 extra entrees. The last two seats had a different people in them each night, it became a game for us to guess what had happen to the last couple.

I’ve since heard the explanation that it is important to choose a cruise line that matches your personality and the way you like to travel. I believe that!

Flat bottom boat

Flat bottom boat fish watching in Catalina.

Dolphin photo at Santa Catalina Island.

Dolphin excursion from Santa Catalina Island.

Mexican flag

Port in Ensenada, Mexico


Taste of Mexico cooking class.


Taste of Mexico cooking class