Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Okay, let’s be honest, while there is no where else on the planet that you can get a behind the scenes look at the building of a space program, from the first craft made to an active launch site, you really have to be into it to appreciate this park. I’m not. I’m a casual fan. Even after years of movies and watching shuttle launches, I’m not a big enough fan to be thrilled at spending the whole day looking at rockets.

And that is what the park is; a whole day. They have learned from their neighbors Disney and Universal and turned Kennedy Space Center into a first-class park. The entry fee matches.

So here are a few tips:

One, go with a fan. It’s always better when you can share a place with this much history and one-of-kind exhibits with a person who understands them.

Two, plan ahead. Like Disney, this place is pricey, but you have several options of entry types and tours to take. Even on an average day these tours sell out fast. Make sure you plan so you can get the tour that interests you most.

Three, try watching a few space movies in advance to get you in the mood. When you are watching the payload being assembled for the next shuttle flight or seeing something from Apollo it’s nice to have the story behind them.

Finally, remember, that Disney is close enough that you can always….well, this might just be a family compromise so everyone gets to spend time doing what they enjoy on vacation.


kennedy space center, florida

Mission Control


The Vehicle Assembly Building (we really wanted to see this building, but tours were sold out)



Working on the payload for one of the last shuttle runs