Disney World and Epcot, not just for kids!

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Even if you aren’t a Disney fanatic, a day at Disney World and Epcot can be a blast, especially if you leave the kids at home!

First, pick your season. Circumstances narrowed our trip availability to July, so we didn’t have a choice. The heat was unbelievable and so were the crowds. We will plan our next trip in the fall after the kids have gone back to school.

Second, check your resources. In addition to scores of books and websites, there are a lot of great apps you can easily download and use on the fly during your trip. Everything from dinning suggestions, park hours, and guides. My favorite were the apps that mark where you parked your car and the ones that track how long the wait time is on rides during different times of the day. Some will even tell you which day of the week is the least crowded for each park, so you can optimize your park hopper if you have one.

Third, take your sense of humor and suspend your disbelieve. Your going to the land of make believe. Take a friend and have fun.

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Quintessential Epcot shot




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The king and queen of Disney


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Disney night party